Some authors think they reached the finish line the moment they published the book. When in fact, they’re at the starting line just yet. While there are a thousand reasons why books don’t sell, there are also factors authors fail to realize and execute in their marketing phase. Marketing and learning how to sell your book shouldn’t be a pain in the neck. Here are tips on getting the word out to the public.

Identify your target audience

Some authors get this wrong. They think everyone wants to read their book. Let’s cut this myth down. It’s time to start picking up on which community your book belongs to. If you wrote a book about cooking, then perhaps your demographic is targeted to a group that wants to learn more about great dishes and not the ones who study anatomy. Segment your audience and identify who are your potential readers.

Meet them at their common interest

Now that you know who your audience is, it’s time to study their behavior. Meet them at their common interest. Whether it’s a social media platform they regularly use, a specific place where they usually gather, or any subjects that stir up their interest—this will pave the way for you to pitch up your book. The point is to determine their common interest, meet them where they are, and provide something of value.

How to Make Your Book Sell

Start getting the word out

There’s no room for timidity or shyness. Just start getting the word out—social media or in the community where they usually gather. Send them out emails or messages of relevant content 24/7. You might be hesitant as this may come out as a little intrusive. But trust me, the only way you can overshadow or stand out from the competition is by talking it up more and more.

Keep the hype up

Create a sense of urgency and keep the hype going. Don’t cut the momentum by taking a time off from social media for a long time or by missing out on your consistent interactions with them. Always strategize ahead of time as to what promotion you will be executing this month and the coming months.

Getting the right formula to make your book sell can be a tall task to dwell on. The dynamics of making it happen varies. What works for the other may not work for you. So never stop trying any possible strategy you see fit in marketing your book. Seek counsel to experienced book marketers and never stop learning.

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