Volume 3

Hourglass Socioeconomics Vol. 3 Global Interpretation, The Bridge Between Worlds


Hourglass Socioeconomics Volume 3: Global Interpretation steps into the realm of national involvement with foreign entities in twos, threes, fours and more. From economic partnership to armed conflict, a third person perspective of interaction through historical events measures the capacity a relationship between, or among, holds for the greater good or nefarity.

To build a bridge, an alliance through economic partnership suspends expansions by cohesive principles if a successful relationship is maintained. Adhesive fundamentals arise when the band aid of cooperation is ripped off. Any matter of involvement is spun gravitationally toward equilibrium or armed conflict and determined by the genetic coding and accelerants of each nation or entity-mass in relativistic measure to another. A bridge between requires maintenance.

Biology, cellular division, and replication open the topic of chain sequencing through time and space as historical events act to accelerate or manipulate mass-genetic coding to pull nations closer together in cohesion or drive them apart. In conflict, the focus is on proxy involvement in manipulative measures against a nation through proctor action. The Civil War, unrest in Africa, and war in the Middle East, among mentions of other large scale conflicts, act to set the stage in principality. NAFTA, CAFTA, the EU and the Asian Pacific Partnership draw lines into economic cooperation as humanity’s continued success or failure. And then, there are always Black Holes.