Volume 4

Hourglass Socioeconomics Vol. 4: Global Field State, Avoiding Absolution


Volume 4, Avoiding Absolution, aims to describe a path of avoidance toward a dissolutive state by mapping the process of and into. The goal is not to relish and dwell in the fear of catastrophe but become aware of the potential for absolution event characteristics to exist within the structure of our social model; here, now, and measurable in the past toward the future. Malignancy, whether internal or external, acts to threaten the strength of bondage between and among sector supports in different forms. In observation, determinants of the perceivable frame of reference, threat potential can be identified.

The theme of preceding volumes are functions and forms in the arts and sciences. Continuing from the ending to Volume 3, hive dynamics continues to adapt and evolve our model into newer and higher dimensions. Psychology, as the interpretation of individual and the collective group psyche, is used to understand differentiation between progress toward equilibrium and a dissolution state. In the use of understanding intent, in the ID, Ego and Superego, current themes in society, as well as in historical context, can diagnose malignancy that threatens the balance of.

The moon, and all the stars, are not immune to our use in interpretation. Time, both in balance and in purity, is but an orbit in the relationship to our experience of it. A queen can be maniacal or the purpose of the hive in reason and sustenance. Differentiation, as a dependent variable within our function, is but a derivative of field vector characteristics. As we continue into further adaptations of Hourglass Socioeconomics, our purpose is to subject the power of the collective in the effort toward equilibrium.