The main theories supporting Hourglass Socioeconomics are not found only in one field of thought but all fields. My effort in creating is to shed light on how one idea can fuel many others. In the other projects I work on the ideas written in volume one do not live on their own. Presented here are things I have worked on or am continuously working on. The first endeavor I began is an IOS app available on the app store titled Premise Hunts. Also referred to below is Volume two, the application of Hourglass Systems of Socioeconomics currently being written. If time persists other works will follow diving into other fields of thought such as The Journey of Life Itself, Psychology, Philosophy and other sciences I do not want to promise you solutions to.

IOS App – Premise Hunts


Premise hunts is a friendSHIP app more than a relationship app. The greatest relationships start from friendships so simply find a new friendly connection or even a long lost first mate.

Matched with Treasure Hunts, a virtual cache of Messages In a Bottle can be found in an interactive map of the globe. Users can post bottles and then in return be discovered or discover others by finding bottles.

I wanted to create an app that not only introduces users to new people but gives new acquaintances something to do and a secure place to interact. In an age where technology gives us tools that make our lives easier it can be argued that tech has also driven us apart. We see constant arguing littered through the comment sections of social media sites and our heads buried in our phones. With the frustration of apps that encourage swipe right or left or scroll up and down for content came the thought to build something that in an adventurous way encourages a deeper connection. With Premise Hunts we are creating a place that ensures your content is protected where in the confines of a secure wall you are able to be yourself. The idea then sparked “If you want something protected you put a lock on it” and so you have Premise Hunts.

The “Premise” is everything your imagination can do with a lock and key. For example, if you want to share your posted content you can easily set a lock and only those with the key can see your content. If you do decide to lock your content and only those that find the correct key can access it you are able to create a deeper connection and welcoming first impression. The app’s goal is to give you a place your content is secure and where you are able to be vulnerable behind a secure firewall. Using your imagination in this setting introduces yourself to others in a more intimate way. You are able to introduce someone to how your mind works and not only how you look through a filtered lens. I believe logic will take you from A to B and Imagination will take you everywhere else. Think of the features of this app to use your logic and imagination to show how A connects to Z and everything in between. Use the key and lock features to connect Key “A” to Lock “Z”. If you are a math wiz make your lock a math problem and your key the solution. If you like art make your lock Mona Lisa and your key Da Vinci.

I remember for my 10th Birthday my dad created for my friends and I a Treasure Hunt and we had a blast. Scavenger Hunts were then a part of every Easter as a new tradition. With the frustration of apps creating the same thing but painted differently I wanted to make something that was indeed different and levied on the joy we had as kids. I wanted a safe place for people to meet and learn something new while having something fun to do. What is more fun that going on treasure hunts? I believe there is no better way to create a bond or build a relationship than to go out into the unknown and solve clues searching for riches. Relationships whether friendly or romantic there is no greater way to test its strength in a bend or break kind of way then to work together to find buried loot. If someone finds the loot first then there is always the opportunity to learn from defeat and push forward as long as you had fun and you found what the true definition of riches is.

Volume Two, an application of Hourglass Socioeconomics

The purpose of volume two is to explain the principles and fundamentals defined in volume one are not only abstract but practical in application though it would take a huge effort to understand our original failure and replace a failed system. We continue to look at the United States’ societal system and what adjustments could be made to better control the curve of inequity. Real data points are used in formulas only introduced briefly in volume one as we take an even bigger step in explaining the ideas of Hourglass Socioeconomics.

We further shape the infrastructure in place and bend the the curve to our purpose of equality in equity. Taxation is still a main focus but also components to which we reduce the bleed of inequity by appropriate, but not austere, regulation in the private sector. Capitalism still remains as well as democracy but we describe a system where the land of the free and the pursuit of happiness is for all and not only some.

We wrap up volume two presenting the faults in the two party political process and, honestly, an absurd idea that could reshape it. A brief correlation, or if I were to allude to anything, is we are already removing a “two point linear” approach to our socioeconomic system replaced by a quadratic. In our effort we add a third factor of political reasoning and in essence create a curve. Matched with this new idea is the philosophical process of deductive reasoning and the faults average human beings have in applying logic to that reasoning.

Stay tuned!