Author releases Volume 2 of this thought-provoking series

Coming from the success of the publication of his first book and the first volume of this series, author Blaine Stewart brings forth Volume 2 with an equally stimulating caliber that lets readers think as they leaf through the pages. “Hourglass Socioeconomics: Volume 2” allows readers to question and answer a gamut of radical yet honest questions. It is a further adaptation derived from Volume 1 offering principle application adding to deeper fundamental understanding.

Going through the vortex from cover-to-cover hints at “what could be” if “what if” is a true statement within a true or false vacuum plotted somewhere on or in a vector of space. Fluid dynamics was presented briefly in the preceding excerpt but investigated further as it applies to both real and meta data of social structures. In doing so, we jump through the spacetime of prismatic dimensions from one to three and hint at the fourth. To understand the system in place we must understand those a system governs over; ourselves. The vortex of thought within whips together a tornado of analytical, complex, but rational applications already present in today’s academic universe. Physics, political science, statistics, philosophy, symbolism, natural biology and other academic studies shape the vortex you are about to step into where stillness is found in the chaos of how to interpret the complexity of the world we live in.

This book is available online and can be purchased at online bookstores: Writers Republic, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.


About the Author

Blaine Stewart’s goal this year was to complete a second volume upon publication of his first book late last year. That goal has since evolved, as well, as Volume 2 was put together. His drive to pull the abstract into reality was to test the throttle by releasing his first book. A full series is expected of nine books in total. Volume 3: A Global Interpretation is the next chess piece in play. Knight to A3, it’s a full steam ahead.

Hourglass Socioeconomics: Principle Application through the Vortex Volume 2

by Blaine Stewart

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