All authors ask the same question. And most of the time we have the same answer. However, one size doesn’t fit for all. So one approach may work for others, and it may not work for the rest. But rest assured, we can all be tied to the same goal: keeping the motivation.

The rub is how to stay motivated when writing a book? Let’s take a look at these steps that worked for most authors:

Make Writing a Habit Every Day

It’s healthy to set yourself a deadline not just on your daily tasks but also to writing every day even if it doesn’t impart anything to your book. Practice committing to writing 100 words a day then you can move up the number of words per week depending on the progress you make.

The goal is to make writing a part of your routine. As soon as you get the hang of it, there’s not even a need for you to feel obliged to do it. It just flows naturally like it’s something vital woven in you.

Eliminate Distractions

Even as adults, we still have small attention gaps. One notification sound that dings our ears can make us switch swiftly to any form of leisure to distract ourselves. Discipline yourself to get rid of any kind of distractions like physical noise or even tasks you haven’t done for the day. Keep a list of it and manage them one at a time.

Sure-fire Tips in Writing

Don’t Edit As You Write

When you edit and write all at once, you lose your ideas that are coming in. You ruin the momentum your brain is trying to process. When you lose momentum, you lose focus. When you lose focus, you start to switch your focus by looking for anything else that appeals to you. The key is, make the most of your ideas while it’s still steaming hot. Set aside the errors you need to correct. Right now, the goal is to put everything down and finish it.

Take a Break

It helps to write when you’re in peace with your thoughts and to yourself. Don’t be scared to take the time to take a break. Just make sure to set a time when to get back on track.

Bottom line is, see writing, not as a demand but a supply for you to receive. When you’re seeing it from that perspective, you absorb more inspiration and motivations on something you want to receive instead of seeing it as a demand that you need to finish. Enjoy the journey and take the time to learn at your own pace.

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